How I Set My Independent Optometry Practice Apart And Beat The Corporate Box Stores

Most optometry practices by definition are ‘average’. They look the same. They are run the same. They have the same problems. And they achieve the same average results. That’s because the ‘average practice’ owner spends their time watching and copying what everyone else is doing. And they keep doing things the way they have always [...]

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How to Harness the Power of Community for Marketing

All independent businesses face a marketplace that is geared around well-known brands with large marketing budgets. This is true for optometrists just as it with any other industry. The challenge that this creates is something that you need to overcome – and one of the best ways to do so is by harnessing the power [...]

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Customer Service Tips to Help You Retain Clients

Customer service plays an absolutely crucial role in allowing independent businesses to retain their current clients. This is certainly true in the optometry and eyecare sector, as customers and patients are looking for the personal touch and an optometrist that they can trust. It is essential then that you are doing everything you can to [...]

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Optician suggest glasses. Closeup showing many eyeglasses in background.

Three free marketing ideas for independent optometrists

If you run an independent optometrist, you need to be doing everything you can to help your business grow and succeed. But many worry that trying new marketing ideas will cost a lot of money without drumming up any new business. So, here we present three great marketing ideas that can really benefit you. Better [...]

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Congratulations to Our Winners!

  Practice of the Year Winner 2019, as voted by OSA members at the conference, is Diamond Member Jim Bottomley, Bottomley Opticians. Jim is a third generation Bottomley and is making amazing strides since taking over the helm of the practice his grandfather started. Congratulations Jim on your well-deserved win. Jim’s prize includes a consulting [...]

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Retail sales optometrist

Five tips to boost retail sales in your optometrists

All optometrists would like to make more retail sales – and sometimes this can feel frustratingly out of reach. Here we take a look at five ways you can boost your sales. 1. Don’t make them wait One thing that can be a major problem for retail stores is the issue of customers who want [...]

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The 5th Annual Optical Success Academy conference

It was great to see so many like-minded independent optometrists at the 5th Annual Optical Success Academy conference. The OSA community is growing and going from strength to strength! We had over 100 members at the conference, and spent 3 days completely focused on ‘building a better business’. So many conferences are designed to help [...]

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Website SEO tips

How your website can make or break your business

There’s no doubt that in the past 20 years, having a website for your organisation has gone from a relatively niche practice to something that virtually no business can do without. And this is definitely the case for optometry and eyecare providers. Where once your business may have been able to promote itself purely through [...]

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OSA Marketing conference

Marketing channels you should be using

Some optometry businesses thrive on word-of-mouth, others utilise leaflets and other physical media – but what all eyecare practitioners have in common is that they could all benefit from extra marketing channels, and new ways to bring in customers. In this blog, we take a look at some of the digital marketing platforms that your [...]

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Social media icons

Five great tips on using social media for optometrists

The various social media platforms can present a huge variety of possibilities for optometrists. Whether you are looking to get more exposure and visibility for your business branding, or you are looking to provide the best possible customer services, these are possible with regularly updated social media profiles. Here are five fantastic tips that optometrists [...]

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