What Every Optometrist Should Be Asking Themselves In The “New Normal”

The ‘new normal’ is a phrase that is bandied about an awful lot. I’d confidently bet it has slipped into your day to day vocabulary, like it has into mine, but let me slam on the brakes right here, my fellow optometrist. I have a vital distinction for you. The media, politicians, your friends, family, [...]

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Have You Not Been Paying Enough Attention To Your Profits For Too Long?

The average optometry practice owner may find the idea of building a stronger and more profitable practice distasteful, somehow unethical, beneath them, but what really happens if you become more profitable? You improve your practice in every way to the benefit of everyone who comes in contact with it. How? As an example, let’s look [...]

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A Pandemic Proof Independent Optometry Practice

The mission at my independent optometry practice, Jones & Co., has always been to help clients look good and feel good in glasses. We do this with our unique blend of amazing independent eyewear, unrivaled optical expertise, and customer service that is personal and makes every client’s day! So how does this translate to a [...]

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Build Your Recovery Plan For Your Independent Optometry Practice

The worst of the shock is over. If you want to be successful and come out ahead of the game after all this, it’s time to pivot from crisis to opportunity and start creating the practice and life that you truly want. Never let a crisis go to waste. It’s an opportunity to do things [...]

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Business Survival Checklist For Independent Optometrists

Would you like a guideline on how to best manage your optometry business while navigating this uncertain time? Here’s a peek into exclusive advice from Conor Heaney, founder of the Optical Success Academy, and an independent optometry practice owner. In the Optical Success Academy, we offer the blueprints on how to run a successful independent [...]

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How Rachel Grew Her Eyecare Business By 35%

Have you ever Googled “how to run a successful optician’s business?” That’s what Rachel Murray did, here’s what happened… Rachel Murray, owner of Rachel Murray Eyecare, was working 6.5 days in her 5-month-old optometry practice. That means no full days off! For an optical business owner, no matter where you are, what situation you’re in, [...]

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AI Optometry

How AI could affect optometry

Artificial intelligence (AI) still sounds like a hugely futuristic concept, bringing to mind the idea of sentient robots and self-aware super computers. But the truth is that AI is not something of the future – it is very much a part of the present. AI is commonplace in many of the services we use on [...]

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Optical store marketing tipcs

Five easy ideas for better optical store marketing

Getting your marketing right is vital to an eyecare or optical store – it can make a huge difference in your ability not only to retain your current customers, but also attract new ones. Here we present five easy ways that you can market your optical store more effectively. Put time into your display It [...]

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Data under the Microscope

Common management challenges in healthcare

There are many challenges facing eyecare, and the healthcare sector more generally. Naturally, it is the job of leaders and management to face and overcome these challenges to ensure patients are served as best as possible, and that the business is able to succeed and thrive. Here we take a look at five of the [...]

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Social media icons

How to better use social media in eyecare

There can be no doubt that social media is becoming ever more important in society. In the digital age where just about everyone has a smartphone and access to the internet, it is natural that this technology has become important in all of the various parts of people’s lives. And while eyecare – and healthcare [...]

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