Consistency Pays For Smart Eye Care Practice Owners

I play very little golf and watch even less but watching the US open last night I could feel the pressure of every shot. I’m no expert but I find golf a very unforgiving game. It can so easily go wrong. And that’s what makes it so impressive watching the top professionals in the world. To win at that level requires perfect shot after perfect shot after perfect shot. The consistency of performance required is scary. They pretty much have to nail every shot.

Being brilliant in my opinion is easy. As rusty a golfer as I am, I have hit my fair share of brilliant shots. Shots that take my breath away. My problem on the golf course is I lack consistency. Brilliant shots are followed by diabolical shots and lost balls. What it takes to be consistently brilliant is a million miles away from what it takes to be just brilliant once in a while. It’s those who develop consistency who reap the rewards.

Working on my golf handicap is way down there on my list of priorities in life but what has been top of that list for years at my practice Jones And Co. Styling optometrist is building consistency into the practice.

Here’s the point. Just like in golf, in business the majority of the rewards go to those who develop consistency. Anyone can do a terrific high-value dispense once in a while. But that doesn’t make much difference to your profits over the long haul. The person who works on dispensing processes, pricing processes, sales choreography until it results in average dispense values that are consistent $100, $200, or $400 higher than it used to be; those are the ones who reap the rewards.

Anyone can ‘Wow’ a single client. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. What is far rarer and far more profitable is consistently delivering an experience that is worthy of referrals to every single client every single time. To do that you need to craft an experience and refine processes and drill the team repeatedly on doing it perfectly from now until doomsday.

How do you develop consistency? When the pro-golfer approaches the ball how many times do you think he has practiced that exact shot? How long is it since he last practiced hitting that exact shot? If he’s a pro, you know the answer is he practices ALL THE TIME. The day he stops practicing is the day his game goes downhill fast.

Same thing with your team. Weekly team meetings. Morning huddles daily. That’s what it takes. Consistency pays.