Five easy ideas for better optical store marketing

Getting your marketing right is vital to an eyecare or optical store – it can make a huge difference in your ability not only to retain your current customers, but also attract new ones. Here we present five easy ways that you can market your optical store more effectively.

Put time into your display

It is absolutely essential that you should have a display that shows off your products in the best possible way. This should be well-managed and regularly updated with the latest items, ensuring that it feels fresh and current.

Crucially your store display should be arranged in a way that makes it easy to navigate for customers. Dividing male and female styles, for example, should be a priority over separating brands and styles. Spend some time trying different display options to find the right one for your business.

Understand your customers

It is vital that you – and everyone working in your store – understands the target audience of the shop. What is their motivation, beyond getting help with their eyecare, obviously? Are they looking for fantastic prices or is their focus on aspirational items? Do they prioritise style or durability?

When you can answer these questions, you are in a better place to provide them with fantastic customer service.

Utilise social media

Even if you only run a bricks and mortar store, it is important that you should utilise digital marketing wherever possible. One of the best ways to this is through social media posts showing off your range of products.

Know your competition

It is vital that you should understand what your competitors are doing. This gives you the chance not only to learn from their successes, but also to capitalise on the things that they aren’t doing so well. It is important to remember that your store does not exist in isolation – your customers have the option to go elsewhere, so make sure that you are doing things better.

Offer referral discounts

It is important to reward loyalty, and referral discounts can be a great way to do this. Provide customers with an incentive to introduce others to your business.

If you are interested in ways to improve the effectiveness of your optical practice, contact the team at Optical Success Academy today.