Higher Standards

I came across this recently, sent a few years ago, from long-time member Shockat Patel who has been a part of OSA from year one, and has made huge strides with his business over those years. Shockat shared this snippet of an interview about Leicester goalkeeper (at the time) Kasper Schmeichel with me:

“Kasper is full throttle every day. If he concedes one goal in training, he will go absolutely mental. He is the motivator in that group and makes sure players are driving standards. I have seen him lose it with staff if he feels the hotel quality before a match is not good enough, or with the kit man if the studs are too short.”

“He is high maintenance but expects the best of himself and he brings the best of himself in every single game. He expects others at the club to do the best for their job as well. That is why he has had such a good career. He has been one of the driving forces behind why the club has risen. He expects the best of everyone’s time and effort as that’s what he gives. That’s how it should be, and everyone loves him for it.”

Success leaves clues. The thinking and mindset of a Danish goalkeeper is packed full of clues for how to help your practice and your team reach its potential. Years ago, I heard Tony Robbins say ‘the secret to changing your life is to raise your standards.’ Higher standards. It’s that simple. When you hold yourself to higher standards, and stop accepting, justifying and being okay with lower standards, you’ll achieve so much more in every area of your life.

At Jones And Co. one of our core values is called ‘Be Passionate & Determined’. Here’s exactly what that means, and what is on the Be Passionate & Determined poster in the staff area of the practice.

  • High Energy
  • Perseverance
  • Don’t Give Up At The First Hurdle
  • Find Solutions!
  • Focus on Results!
  • Believe In Yourself! (We believe in you.)
  • Responsible means YOU have the ability to respond. YOU CAN HELP!

If you want to raise standards you have to push, you have to make things happen. Mistakes are ok but you have to use them. Making excuses and making things happen are mutually exclusive activities. You have to be determined to find and learn the lesson and use if as fuel for your growth. This isn’t about looking for perfection, it’s about being willing to push yourself and those around you to give your best every day because you believe. It’s about helping people strive to fulfil their potential because you believe in them and know they have it within them.

It’s obvious Kasper Schmeichel believes this with every fibre of his being.  Because of it he has achieved more success, won the respect and admiration of his teammates and fans, and no doubt at the end of his career will look back with more satisfaction.

To grow your practice and grow your team as individuals, you collectively have to hold yourselves to higher standards and make it part of your culture.

To Your Success in 2024!