Podcast Episode #30: Turning Ambition into Achievement

Do you find it hard to see past your blind spots?

When you start looking at examples of success outside of our industry, you can uncover valuable lessons that will help you differentiate your approach to how you manage you practice in powerful ways .

By looking in a diverse area, for inspiration for input and for lessons, you can come up with your own version of differentiation and success for your business.

In today’s episode I’m introducing you to Jamil Qureshi, world-class performance coach and the man who helped six individuals reach number 1 in the world.

This is a live Q&A with our members and Jamil and he covers questions on setting goals, dealing with negativity, overcoming hurdles, but the overall topic is, how do you take a goal and how do you actually turn it into achievement?

This is a great one to share with you team to get them reenergized.

Turn it up load and listen to what Jamil has to tell you!