Podcast Episode #47: How To Quickly Increase Eyewear Sales And Grow Your Optometry Practice Even During Tough Economic Times

In this episode, Conor and his special guests provide a proven blueprint to rapidly boost eyewear sales and expand your optometry practice, even in challenging economic times. What you’ll discover won’t just improve your practice—it will transform it, significantly increasing your income, regardless of the economic climate.

Conor covers a ton of content in this episode, here’s just some of what he goes over…

  • What’s working right now to produce a steady stream of high-quality new patients who pay, stay and refer.
  • The BIG LIE you’ve been told about what it takes to have a successful practice and the uncomfortable truth you need to hear.
  • The #1 most crucial marketing tool you must get right if you want to get more patients.
  • How fixing this one thing can increase your profits without you spending another penny on marketing.
  • How to double, triple, or even quadruple your optical sales.
  • The strategy I use that turned my staff into superstars who basically run my practice for me.
  • A little-known but highly-effective way to create an environment makes patients excited about spending money
  • And much, much more.

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