Three free marketing ideas for independent optometrists

If you run an independent optometrist, you need to be doing everything you can to help your business grow and succeed. But many worry that trying new marketing ideas will cost a lot of money without drumming up any new business.

So, here we present three great marketing ideas that can really benefit you. Better yet, these tips won’t actually cost your business any money and they can be started today. Use them to get more business at your independent optometrists.

Create a referral program

There is no doubt that finding new customers is one of the biggest challenges for any company in any industry, so it is vital you do everything you can to reach different parts of the market. A referral program is a brilliant way to build up a base of new customers.

There are many ways that you can approach the concept of a referral program, and it will depend on your business to understand which is right for you. It could be that every time a new customer is referred by a current customer, the current customer receives a gift card to your business. This not only encourages the current customer to return and make further purchases, it also increases your customer base.

A referral program makes customers feel appreciated when they help you.

Focus on your customers, not your business

It is far too often the case that when an optometrist (or any kind of business) attempts marketing messages, they will focus on themselves. They will push messages on concepts surrounding what makes them a great business to work with, how long they have been around, and how wonderful their customer service is.

But this is the wrong approach. Ultimately, a customer doesn’t care very much about your business. What they care about is how your business affects them. How will it improve their life to use your optometrists over a large chain store? What are the advantages of choosing your business?

These are the messages that you need to really focus on.

Email your customers regularly

When you take on a new patient or a new client at your optometrists, you may well be taking their email addresses simply as a part of the process of using your business. But it may the case that you aren’t using this vital database of content details as effectively as you could.

Whether you are sending a direct email marketing campaign or simply a quarterly newsletter to your patients, this can be a great way to keep in contact with clients and remind them of you and your services.

If you would like to learn more about successful ways to market your independent optometrists, please get in contact with Optical Success Academy.