Most people are really confused. They lack clarity. As the Cat said to Alice, “If you don’t know where you want to get to, then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Most people aren’t very clear about where they want to get to. They spend their days just reacting to circumstances. As a business owner you need 3 kinds of clarity:

  1. Personal Clarity – Who you are and what you’re all about.

Personal clarity allows you to build a business that suits you. And fits your life. This is preferable to waking up some day and realizing you hate your business even though you built it!

Clarity is as much about what you DON’T want as it is about what you DO want. Ask yourself: How well do the actions I take every day demonstrate the things I ‘say’ I value?

  1. Goal Clarity – Where you want to get to and what it looks like.

If you are unclear about your goals, you will always struggle. It is hard, near impossible to hit a target that you cannot see. You goals should be clearly defined, written down and kept at the very front of your mind. When you have goal clarity your brain will zero in on your goals like a heat-seeking missile. It will give you the answers and ideas you need seemingly ‘out-of-the-blue’. You will spot opportunities that you otherwise would miss.

One of the most important steps to achieving any goal is constant tracking. Use the Daily Stats Excel Spreadsheet to track your progress towards your sales goals daily. Train your team into the habit of focusing on this daily.

  1. Market Clarity – Who your perfect customers are and where you can find them. And what they want.

Are you clear about what kind of clients do you accept or reject? Successful businesses narrow their focus to who they set out to attract and serve. They are unconcerned about the rest of the population who may find them unappealing or misunderstand them. They have clarity about who they are for and who they are not for.

Clarity comes from having a clear destination in mind at all times. Just like the Sat-Nav in your car. You need to set the destination first or it is useless. Your brain is a Sat-Nav. You need to give it a destination every day.