Common management challenges in healthcare

There are many challenges facing eyecare, and the healthcare sector more generally. Naturally, it is the job of leaders and management to face and overcome these challenges to ensure patients are served as best as possible, and that the business is able to succeed and thrive. Here we take a look at five of the challenges commonly facing eyecare and healthcare businesses today.

Costs are rising

People are living longer lives. But the real challenge that this creates is that healthcare providers must strive for better ways to encourage healthier and more active lifestyles – and with these challenges comes a rise in cost.

The main thing that leaders in healthcare need to contend with is finding alternative ways to combat the rising costs in the sector. This means that business and healthcare providers must conduct research and implement new processes with the aim of saving money. There is a list provided by the Health Services Research Information Central (HSRIC) which details funding, grants and fellows that leaders can consider to help with staff training and providing information.

Greater regulatory challenges

Under the current Trump administration there has been a great deal of attention paid to the healthcare sector. With complexities regarding the current administration’s desire to reverse and replace ideas such as ‘Obamacare’, there are challenges for leaders and managers in planning for how future regulations will impact the industry.

This has become a major issue as regulatory challenges inevitably drive up the costs of providing services and care.

Technical and medical advances

There is an onus in the healthcare industry to keep up with technical and medical advances – to an extent that is far greater than almost any industry. Technology creates opportunities but it can also crate challenges in terms of how these technologies are implemented, and ensuring that staff have the necessary training to keep up with the advances.

Ultimately, it is up to management to ensure that the company stays ahead of medical advances, alongside the technologies that make these advances possible.

Training and education

Sometimes healthcare and eyecare businesses are focused so much on patient care and providing great quality service, they forget about the personal development of staff members. The challenge for healthcare managers is to consider staff development more of a priority in order to make better use of human resources.


There have always been ethical challenges facing healthcare and eyecare providers – and this continues today. This involves not only ensuring that patients are provided with the highest standards of care, but also that attention is paid to issues such as data protection, which can often be overlooked.