How to better use social media in eyecare

There can be no doubt that social media is becoming ever more important in society. In the digital age where just about everyone has a smartphone and access to the internet, it is natural that this technology has become important in all of the various parts of people’s lives.

And while eyecare – and healthcare – providers are often at the forefront of utilising technology professionally; they have not always been using social media most effectively as a tool for interacting with patients and audiences.

Nevertheless, social media can be an extremely powerful tool for eyecare providers – benefitting patients, colleagues and the general public.

How social media benefits eyecare

Using social media allows eyecare providers to inform their patients and customers more effectively and also offers more online resources and information. When information is provided through a medium that customers are familiar with, they are more likely to be able to take it in.

It also allows providers to build better relationships and greater levels of trust with patients. It makes the brand more memorable.

Ways you can start using social media

Businesses across virtually every industry have embraced social media, so this is important for optometrists and eyecare providers too. Using social media can actually be beneficial to you and your patients in a number of ways. Some of the better uses for social media include:

  • Listening to patient feedback – social media can open up a fantastic channel of communication between patient and provider. If customers have an issue, they can raise it quickly via social media, which can be a great opportunity for providers to offer information and reassurance.
  • Build your reputation in the community – the community you serve may often have little understanding or awareness of your service until they need it. Social media gives you a practical way to establish yourself in the community and build trust.
  • Work with other businesses – it is also smart to use social media as a way to engage with other businesses in your area. This could offer you the opportunity to improve your service and offerings, or even promote complementary businesses to yours.

Of course, it is also important to ensure you are using the right platforms and sending the best possible messages through your social media. If you are interested in working with eyecare marketing specialists, Optical Success Academy can help. Get in contact with our experienced team today.