It’s a question of character

A few days ago Manchester City beat Real Madrid 4-0 to progress to the final of the Champions League, the annual competition to determine the best football team in Europe. In the lead up to the game, Carlo Ancelotti, Madrid’s manager, said something really important that I want to zoom in on here. It has nothing to do with being a football fan and everything to do with what it takes to achieve success as a team. So if you have staff, Carlo is talking to you. Listen up!

By the way, Real Madrid may have lost the game, but they have been crowned best team in Europe 14 times, twice as many as any other team. So they know a thing or two about achieving at the highest levels. Here’s what he said.

“Real Madrid and Manchester City are, at this moment, the best teams in Europe. For sure, it will be an exciting game, as it was in the first leg.

Also, if you are thinking you are the best team in the world, it does not give you 100 percent certainty you are going to move to the final because these games are not only a matter of quality. When you reach a semi-final, it is whether you are able to show personality, character, and mentality on the pitch, not only quality.”

I’ll put it another way…

Your practice’s performance this year, this week, today (your revenue, your reputation, the referrals you generate, your conversion rate, your average dispense value, the number of clients you transform into raving fan clients…) is not just a question of quality i.e. the technical ability and skill of the individuals on your team.

It is also, equally, a question of the character and mentality and personality of the individuals on your team (and collectively as a team culture). Google character traits and your list will include HONESTY, COURAGE, OPTIMISM, CONFIDENCE, HUMILITY, CREATIVITY, HUMOUR, ENTHUSIASM, COOPERATIVE, CONSCIENTIOUSNESS, RESPECT, CARING, DETERMINATION.

How much of that do you exhibit when you are going through a tough spell or dealing with a major set-back or when a team member pisses you off or even just when you come up against a difficult customer? We are all individually responsible for our own character.

Discuss this with your team. What character do you exhibit when the pressure is on? That’s when true character and personality and mentality come to the fore. What are you made of? And where do you want to improve? Keep talking about it and keep moving in that direction individually and as a team. It’s called character-building for a reason. USE every experience, good or bad, to strengthen your character.

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