AI Optometry

How AI could affect optometry

Artificial intelligence (AI) still sounds like a hugely futuristic concept, bringing to mind the idea of sentient robots and self-aware super computers. But the truth is that AI is not something of the future – it is very much a part of the present. AI is commonplace in many of the services we use on [...]

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Optical store marketing tipcs

Five easy ideas for better optical store marketing

Getting your marketing right is vital to an eyecare or optical store – it can make a huge difference in your ability not only to retain your current customers, but also attract new ones. Here we present five easy ways that you can market your optical store more effectively. Put time into your display It [...]

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Congratulations to Our Winners!

  Practice of the Year Winner 2019, as voted by OSA members at the conference, is Diamond Member Jim Bottomley, Bottomley Opticians. Jim is a third generation Bottomley and is making amazing strides since taking over the helm of the practice his grandfather started. Congratulations Jim on your well-deserved win. Jim’s prize includes a consulting [...]

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Retail sales optometrist

Five tips to boost retail sales in your optometrists

All optometrists would like to make more retail sales – and sometimes this can feel frustratingly out of reach. Here we take a look at five ways you can boost your sales. 1. Don’t make them wait One thing that can be a major problem for retail stores is the issue of customers who want [...]

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The 5th Annual Optical Success Academy conference

It was great to see so many like-minded independent optometrists at the 5th Annual Optical Success Academy conference. The OSA community is growing and going from strength to strength! We had over 100 members at the conference, and spent 3 days completely focused on ‘building a better business’. So many conferences are designed to help [...]

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